Our Donors

Raising £2.2m was always going to be a challenge, so when we founded Mission EmployAble in 2018, we naturally hoped to secure substantial donations from a wide range of corporate benefactors.

Together with Chorleywood Cricket Club, we embarked on a joint fund-raising campaign to create a building that would serve us both - and the community.

The wonderful news is that even more Trusts, businesses and charitable foundations than we hoped for wanted to support our vision.

Thanks to their donations, we at Mission EmployAble have our wonderful new training Café on The Common and the Cricket Club can now expand their teams to include women, girls and disabled players.

We could not have done this without our benefactors and thank them enormously.

Trusts and Foundations

EDB Trust

Golden Bottle Trust

Prafarata Foundation

The Seneca Trust

SEN Opportunities

The Sheila Whitley Trust